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Special Betting Rules

“USA/Canada Horse/Harness Racing” Special Betting Rules

Coupled Entry – Horses that belong to ONE OWNER or under ONE TRAINER, running on the same race are grouped “coupled” together so that when you bet on one you also get the other. Simply put, two horses running as one.

1. Typical Coupled Entry horses are

Coupled Entry Number

Representation of the Coupled Entry Number

No. 1

Horse1 and Horse1A

No. 2

Horse2 and Horse2B

2. Scratch

If one of the horses scratch but the other still runs, your bet still consider valid. Refunds are given only if both of the horses scratch.

3. Winner

If one of the horses win, then your bet with other horse in the Coupled Entry win, too.
For example, you took Horse1 to WIN. The ensuing race result is Horse1A – 1st place, Horse2- 2nd place, Horse3 – 3rd place. Your bet on Horse1 is a winner because Horse 1A is considered the same as Horse1. The same also apply to combination bets.

4. Both Win

In cases where both horses in a Coupled Entry win in a race, the best winning position will be applied. For example, if a race result such as:

Horse 1A will NOT counted as 2nd place due to its Couple entry with Horse 1, which is counted as same horse with Horse 1. At the same time, Horse 2 will counted as 2nd place and there will be no more Show Payout for 3rd Position.

[Note] SHOW is known as Place in Asia Market.

Field Entry – When there are so many horses running in a race, several horses are grouped together as field horses. For payouts and refunds, the same concepts in Coupled Entries apply.